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to vaccinate or not to vaccinate....

to start off i guess i have to say...  I dont believe in vaccinating babies.
when i was a baby i got my whooping cough vaccination...i promptly came down with a very bad case of whooping cough...to this day i get breathing problems very easily.
it seems like everyone who gets the flu shot then comes down with the flu...though medical professionals always say that this is not the case...yet people get the shot and then feel drained and stuffy and sick and headachy and feverish all the time (but this is not the flu?!)

these days they tell you to vaccinate your kids against the chicken pox to, in my day our parents would throw chicken pox party...you would get spotty and they would cover your hands with socks and then you were fine.
why cant we just try to rely on our good old fashioned immune systems?

I know that the guy who did the autism/vaccination study has been arrested and his study is being thrown out and they are doing other studies to prove his study is wrong.... I'm not convinced..yeah not everyone is gonna get autism from vaccines but i think that the side effects of the vaccines can be really bad and i think that the possibility of some people getting autism from them is still there. my cousins son was an amazing and normal little boy till he got his shots and he has been diagnosed as autistic and its very sad.

on one of the chat boards for mommies I'm on the ladies all talk about how after their 2 month shots their babies went from sweet and giggling and active to crying all the time and sleeping all the time and not eating and not interacting any more. and they complain that they want their babies back to the way they were before their shots. but they also rant and rave over the thought of someone not vaccinating their child...i just dont get it.

I love how my son is, i love that he giggles in his sleep, that he will smile at me a big smile that smiles right up into his eyes, i love that he is who he is and i wouldnt him to be ruined.

i dont want to vaccinate my son. but i dont want people to think of me as a bad mother, that i'm crazy and I'm gonna make my baby sick.
I dont want to vaccinate him because i dont want to make my baby sick

i also read this interesting article about why you might not want to vaccinate

ok thank you for listening to my rant

baby mama

I know maybe I should wait to say anything but I'm so excited I cant keep it a secret.

I'm vomity feeling today...i want to go back to bed but I have to work.
I have an appointment with a midwife tonight, next week I'm meeting with an OB  and then I'll decide which i wanna go with


Where the wild things are!

omg there is a live action "Where the Wild things are" movie coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait

cats and birds and dogs oh my.

it is so bright and sunny today!!!!!! I love the sunshine.
I should really be out and about in the sunshine before it turns crappy again.
......But instead I'm sitting in the house and watching Top Model (i missed wednesday nights episode, it was the first of the season).
then I have to have a shower and get ready, we are going for brunch with Kevin's brother and nephew.

Later I think I'm going to take out my felt and stuff and do some crafting.
I do love some good crafting....and Ive been lacking doing art lately.
yay art

such a life!

oh the interesting things that go on in my life now...
last night I had baby pigeons in my oven (their mommies abandoned them and they were almost dead!) but we managed to heat them up and put them under new mommies!
and right now I'm cooking Venison ribs

So much to do!!!

So I better make a list!

Today I have to :
  1. Finish unpacking my boxes and put things in drawers and on shelves.
  2. Get a house key cut.
  3. Get my cell phone changed to Victoria.
  4. Apply for E.I
  5. Make lunch for me and the boys.
  6. Take the dog for a walk.
  7. Buy meat and veggies to put in stir-fry
  8. Set up my new printer and try to print out some resumes
 And I 'm sure there is other stuff that will come up too, but right now thats all the stuff I can think of.
oh I have to have breakfast and a shower too.

Nov. 27th, 2008

LJ is crazy! its garbled and I dont likes it

Horoscope weekly overview: Romance

11/24/2008 - 11/30/2008


November 22-December 21

You've got something to sort out as the week begins, and busyness and hubbub aren't helping matters. Carve out time alone, and have a nice long chat with a good friend. It looks like you've got a lot to be thankful for around Thursday and Friday. Count those blessings, upgrade that outlook and enjoy all the aspects of your world -- family, friendship and the increased chance of romance! An awesome date (or venue for finding one!) this weekend only takes a little of your especially ample imagination. Dare to be different -- it's so hot on you!


I love Regina Spektor.
and I love this song especially

I recently watched In Bruges...now I want to go to Bruges! cause how's a fairytale town not somebody's fucking thing?
Even though the movie had Colin Farrell in it, it was a kick ass movie (I really enjoyed it).

Why is it, that when your not doing anything....nobody calls you.
But the days you have plans or as soon as you step in the shower...or as soon as someone else calls you, then EVERYONE and their dog starts calling. gah.

I'm turning over a new leaf.
I'm working out more again (hopefully I can stick to it this time)
and I'm trying to eat better.
wish me luck

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